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Our People Are
Your Prescription.

We do more than treat sickness.
We help you find real health.

The Real You Program.

The Real You Program is about making the commitment to discovering you, in all your beautiful, complex, and interconnected entirety. We believe that your health is the foundation for your potential. That’s why our multidisciplinary team collaborates with every aspect of you: body, mind, and soul. We spend time connecting with you in order to understand who you are so we can create a personalized plan around your unique healthcare and life goals. We guide you to you. We show you that your health is simple. Your health is already inside you.

You can meet your prescription.

Food is medicine.

Proper nourishment creates health, vitality, energy, and passion. The right fuel empowers you to find meaning and enjoy life more fully.

Your body is designed to be incredibly adept at healing itself. Our nutrition experts help you develop the awareness, knowledge, and confidence to choose the right fuel. We work with you to develop an individualized plan designed to nourish your body, mind, and soul. Our goal is to fundamentally change your relationship with food. It’s about finding the right balance while still finding enjoyment in the food that you eat. Instead of craving sugar and salt, we help you awaken the joy and meaning found in properly fuelling your body.

Movement is medicine.

A healthy and active body creates freedom and allows for the full expression of your self and potential. You feel strong and confident. Control over your body is control over your life.

Our physiotherapists educate you on how exercise and movement can be used to improve and maintain your health over the course of your entire life. We do more than simply treat you or tell you what to do. We explain why you should do it and how it will help. We help you truly understand how your body works. It’s an active and collaborative relationship. Together, we develop an individualized movement plan that is safe, sustainable, and enjoyable for you. It’s about providing you with the tools and knowledge to reclaim power and ownership over your own health.

Mindfulness is medicine.

A clear mind creates focus, intuition, and insight. Awareness of self reveals your purpose and empowers you to live into it.

Being present is powerful. Across all aspects of the program, our team interweaves aspects of mindfulness and shows you how self-awareness is key to living a healthy life and evolving into your truest identity. Our series of mindful movement workshops are designed to examine the essence of breath, awareness, and mindful movement and the powerful impact it has on the body’s ability to prevent disease, promote health, and elevate human potential. Your body, mind, and soul intuitively know exactly what you need to live your life to the fullest. We teach you how to listen.

Reflection is medicine.

Accepting yourself leads to loving yourself. The world shines a little brighter, challenges become opportunities, your genius expresses itself. Our psychologists are more interested in what’s right with you than what’s wrong. We all have beauty inside of us, and only by embracing and celebrating it can we live our best life, full of health and meaning. We help you learn about yourself, your talents, abilities, and strengths. Through guided self-reflection, we will work through how you experience your emotions and thoughts, as well as explain how that experience is impacting your life. We help you rediscover the genius within yourself.

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